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October 21, 2011
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Touhou Personality Test by WhiteMoltres Touhou Personality Test by WhiteMoltres
Alright, so this is all (c) :iconzunplz:

That being said...

Choose someone blindly.


If you chose...

Reimu: You're a bit lazy, but if something abnormal happens, you won't rest until it's all resolved.
Shingyoku: You can switch between your masculine and feminine sides easily, and can see the positive and negative of your actions.
Elis: You act all innocent and sweet, but underneath that, you're just another little devil. You like bats.
Sariel: You are interested in angels and death. You are extremely religious.
Mima: You hate mankind, for some odd, unexplained reason, and you love the full moon.
Konngara: You like knights, and you are good with a sword. A yaksha is your idol.
Genjii: You are teased for your age, and you like pets. You especially like turtles.
Rika: You are good with machines, and you like flowers as well. You go into a temper easily, though.
Meira: You are constantly stalking someone, wanting revenge/marriage. People keep mixing the two up.
Marisa: You a kleptomaniac, and your common targets are either people who play with toys, or libraries/librarians. You are extremely charismatic, thinks that everything you should do is flashy, and you have a lot of people in love with you.
Ellen: You like cats, and you dream of becoming a witch. You also like the anime Hatarakimono.
Kotohime: You are a bit crazy, an you collect things, but only if they interest you. You also dream of enforcing the law.
Kana: You are easily forgotten, and dream of someone noticing you, or at least moving to a new home.
Rikako: You dream of becoming famous, and you are best in science. You need glasses to see.
Chiyuri: You are in college, and your weapon of choice is, for some odd reason, a folding chair. Your best friend is weird.
Yumemi: You are in college, and your weapon of choice doesn't matter, as long as you're wearing a cape. You like strawberries.
Ruukoto: You dream of robots, and you like to do chores. You are terrible at chores.
Orange: You like the lotus flower, and you wish to be stronger. You are good with martial arts, though.
Kurumi: For some bizarre reason, you are obsessed with blood, and you wish to have a lake of it.
Elly: You like apples, and your weapon of choice is either a boomerang or a scythe.
Yuuka: You love sunflowers, and you will hurt anyone who harms so much as a petal of a flower in your garden. A total sadist.
Mugetsu: You like dressing up as a maid, and you enjoy reading about dreams.
Gengetsu: You are simply evil. You enjoy dreams, but you are so evil, any dream turns into a nightmare for you. A scary person.
Sara: You like grapes and wine, for some reason, and you are friends with a traveler. No one gets past you if you can help it.
Luize: You enjoy travelling, and you are amazingly independent. Best friends with a guard.
Alice: You like to play with dolls and puppets, and you make them yourself. You also stalk your object of affection relentlessly.
Yuki: You like fire, and you are "friends" with a cold person. If someone wrongs your friends, you will avenge them.
Mai: You like ice, and anyone who sees you as a friend is a pest to you. You get over losses quickly.
Yumeko: You are skilled with blades, and you work for "royalty". You are polite to your superiors; anyone else is trash.
Shinki: You love the idea of a tourist agency commercializing your home. You are a bit of an idiot sometimes.
Rumia: You enjoy the darkness, playing hide-and-seek, and is a bit simple minded. You also like mistletoe.
Daiyousei: You are polite and smart. You friends are usually none of these things, however. You like nature.
Cirno: You are an idiot, but you're actually amazing at math, provided the answer is a certain number. You like ice cream and coldness in general, and you claim to be the strongest (despite contrary facts).
China: You are a lazy person, but you can be diligent when you want to. You are either the best friend of a lunatic, or your tormentor. You also have a bad nickname.
Koakuma: You like reading, and if someone interrupts your reading, you will get back at them. You're also very sexy.
Patchouli: You are a complete bookworm with asthma, and your favorite anime character is Edward Elric. You also like the concept of magic and alchemy.
Sakuya: You are a person who enjoys cleaning, and you are the best at it. You are very serious, and is good at throwing knives.
Remilia: You claim to be (or know) the descendant of Count Vlad Tepes Dracula. You also have an insane younger sibling and you are a complete night owl.
Flandre: Your older sibling is a complete power freak, and you haven't been outside for a long time. You love to play, but people avoid you because you're a bit insane.
Satsuki: Many people forget you exist, but you keep trying to get people to notice you, nevertheless. You are good with stringed instruments.
Letty: Your favorite season is Winter, while your least favorite is Summer. Your favorite color and metal is silver.
Chen: You like cats, but you are amazingly ADD. Somehow, you're extremely good at boxing.
Lunasa: You are a depressed person, and you're amazingly gifted with the violin. You enjoy music that some people would consider "depressing".
Merlin: You are overflowing with good cheer, and you're great with the trumpet. You love music people consider "Happy".
Lyrica: You are either a sly person, or a shy person. Either way, you're good at the piano. Your favorite music is the kind that sometimes includes speaking.
Layla: You have wavy hair, and you are a stay-at-home person. You like music of most, if not all, genres.
Youmu: You are straightforward and focused, but your best friend is whimsical and playful. You are good with a blade, and you're afraid of ghosts.
Yuyuko: You are usually seen as "innocent", and you have an odd fascination with death. You also like watching sakura blossoms fly, and eating (A LOT).
Ran: Your favorite animal is the fox, and you constantly follow around a person who either likes cats, or is amazingly lazy.
Yukari: You are mainly nocturnal, and you're also very lazy and sleepy a lot. You are also the one controlling all of your friends actions.
Rinnosuke: You don't know that many boys/men, and you are very knowledgeable with the world. You are pestered by someone who wants something from you.
Tokiko: You best friend won't give you your stuff back. Other than that, your favorite animal is the ibis, and your favorite hobby is reading.
Wriggle: You like insects, and your best friend is someone who can sing well, despite being seen as a pest. You also like kicking.
Mystia: You are a good singer, but you are the best friend of a pest. Your favorite food is grilled fish, and you have a part-time job.
Keine: You have a split personality, and you like learning about history. You like cows, you want/have a teaching job, and you have no idea what "CAVED!!!!!!" means.
Tewi: You are mischievous, and you enjoy pranking people. Your favorite animal is the rabbit, and you're naturally lucky. Your weapon of choice is the hammer, or mallet.
Reisen: You're considered the sexiest person you know (To your own dismay), and you're also an eagle-eyed sniper. You're constantly stalked by someone who pranks you.
Eirin: You're a good archer, and you're either a doctor, a nurse, or simply just a person good with medicine. Your favorite rock is moonstones.
Kaguya: You are a "princess", and you're constantly being proposed to. You like collecting rare objects, and you are a complete otaku.
Mokou: You have an obsession with fire, and you will do anything to take revenge on whoever has wronged you or your family and friends. Your favorite animal is the phoenix.
Suika: You're drunk all the time, and you love to party. You are one of the strongest, if not the strongest, people you know.
Sunny Milk: You like the sun, and you are the leader of a group. You enjoy pranking, and you like good food and liquor.
Luna Child: You like the moon, and you are the comic relief of the group. You are a little clumsy, and you like coffee and good liquor.
Star Sapphire: You like stars, and you are always the brains of the operation. You enjoy good liquor.
Aya: You are the fastest thing on two legs, you love flying, and you enjoy windy days. You have a great history (and future) in journalism.
Medicine: Your favorite flower is the suzuran, and you don't like ventriloquism. You have a slight obsession with poison.
Komachi: You are the laziest person you know, your favorite anime character is Grell Sutcliff, and you like boats. You also have a considerably large bust (Only works if you're a girl).
Shikieiki: You do not like laziness, and will punish anyone who is lazy. You have a bit of an obsession with judging people.
Akyuu: You have a very good memory, and you write down what you remember. You, therefore have a small archive of the world.
Reisen II: You travel around a lot, and you like rabbits. You are soft-spoken and shy, and you have a friend of the same name as you.
Toyohime: You are somewhat aloof, and you enjoy imported fruit, especially peaches. You have natural good luck. You also don't exercise much.
Yorihime: You can easily learn, you are good with a sword, and you're afraid of being left alone. You're very strong.
Shizuha: Your favorite season is Fall because of the changing leaves, and you hate Winter. You are a terrible older sister *Shakes head sadly*.
Minoriko: Your favorite season is Fall simply because you like sweet potatoes, and you hate Winter. Your older sister is unreliable.
Hina: Your favorite hobby is spinning, and your favorite food is dark chocolate. You have a bit of an obsession with misfortune.
Nitori: Your favorite food is cucumber, you are a good swimmer, and are very technologically gifted. Unfortunately, you're very shy.
Momiji: Your favorite animal is the wolf, and you're very cooperative. You have fantastic eyesight, and you're good at chess.
Sanae: You are religious, and will do whatever it takes to get rid of any abnormalities in the name of whatever faith you believe in. Your favorite animal is either the snake or the frog.
Kanako: You are a bit of a power freak, and a bit manipulative as well. You are a person of science, and you like giant robots.
Suwako: You don't care about what people think of you, and is more knowing than people think. You also have a hat that creeps people out.
Iku: You enjoy dancing, and everyone says you're great at it. You're the nanny to someone else, and you like watching thunderstorms.
Tenshi: You get bored easily, and you're also very destructive when you get bored. You also like pain a bit too much...
Kisume: You are a shut in, with a liking for buckets. You're more of a background character, though.
Yamame: You're constantly sick, and you like architecture. Your favorite color is brown, and your favorite animal is the spider.
Parsee: You are an envious person, and jealousy will often get the best of you. Your favorite mythical creatures are elves.
Yuugi: You are a drunk who takes great care not to let your drink spill. You enjoy the occasional card game, mountain climbing, and working out. Amazing bust size (Only applies to girls).
Satori: You are often told, either jokingly or seriously, that you can read minds. You have a way with animals, and you're very perceptive.
Rin: You have an odd obsession with corpses, and your favorite animal is the cat. People are weirded out by your sudden coming and goings.
Utsuho: Your favorite energy is nuclear fusion, and your favorite animal is the raven. Fittingly, you are a bit of a birdbrain.
Koishi: You are a person who has a large interest in psychology. You are more perceptive than anyone else, and you take Freudian logic very seriously.
Nazrin: You are small, but clever. You can locate lost items easily, and your favorite animal is the mouse, for whatever reason.
Kogasa: You like umbrellas and rainy days. Your favorite hobby is scaring people, and you love metahumor.
Ichirin: You are a bit religious, and you are attached to a person you call "older sister/brother". Also, you have a protective grandfather.
CAPTAIN MINAMITSU MOTHERFUCKING MURASA: You like boats, and you like epic music. Enough said.
Shou: You constantly lose what you're looking for, but you seem to naturally "attract" treasure that you're not looking for. You like tigers.
Byakuren: You're constantly compared to Jesus, and people hate you for reasons you can't even begin to understand. You are fair to everyone and everything.
Nue: You love trolling. With that out of the way, you think the best power would be shapeshifting, and you like snakes. You also like monkeys, tigers, and tanukis.
Hatate: You are constantly on the phone, and you, like, talk like this, like, totally. Your favorite anime character is Poland.
Kasen: You are friends with everyone, and you are great with animals. You also live alone, but you come out every once in a while to check on humanity.

I picked Layla... O3O

Choose your's, then tell me!

HUGE-ASS EDIT: I added everyone from HRtP to WaHH. No TD yet.
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michaelbot22 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Okuu: I love ravens
mokou: I love the Phoenix
momji:I'm good with a sword and shelid and good eye sight
aya:I love flying too
michaelbot22 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Wait I am okuu mokou and momji and aya
michaelbot22 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Ok I pick 1 okuu, yukari, and ran
michaelbot22 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
I don't know what I am X(
JRD12222 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
MizukiHimejilove Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Student
I picked yuyuko yukari and patchouli 
Yuyuko: a lot of people see me a innocent but my friends know the truth death does fascinate me for some reason and yes i dolove to eat A LOT
Yukari: i am lazy and sleepy and i controll most of my friends actions
Patchouli: i am a TOTAL bookworm sorry but my favorite anime character is Spain i do have asthma and i do like the concept of magic
Satorucchi Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Koishi and Marisa..... so am I a kleptomaniac?? XD
gaboflandre Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Chiyuri! OMG That is so true!
Crazy-Viverrid Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Komachi(Though i don't have a big bust) or Kogasa(and im not to big on meta-humor)
DarkAwesomeness2 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I picked China and Komakuma. :3
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